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All canteens in NSW public schools must provide healthy food and drink options. This makes it easy for students to make healthy food choices. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.

Students can order from the Bass High School canteen in-person at the school. 

Canteen menu

Note: (H) = halal

Hot foods

Menu item Cost
Baked fish fingers (H) $3
Chicken breast burger (H) $5
Beef burger (H) $6
Cheese burger (H) $5
Gourmet sausage roll (H) $3.50
Gourmet Aussie beef pie (H) $5
Gourmet spinach and feta roll (H) $4
Vegetarian spring rolls - 6pcs (H) $4
Chicken breast nuggets - 6pcs (H) $4
Potato wedges (H) $4
Ham and pineapple pizza $4
Lean beef hotdog (H) $3.50
Potato pie (H) $5
Beef lasagne (H) $5
Macaroni and cheese (H) $5
Sauce $0.30


Note: all sandwiches available on white or wholemeal bread. Gluten free bread, bread rolls or lebanese bread are an additiona $0.50. 

Extra toppings (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, avocado) are an additional $0.50.

Menu item Cost
Cheese and tomato $3
Vegemite $2.50
Jam $2.50
Cheese and salad $4
Chicken (H) $4
Ham and cheese $4
Turkey and cranberry $4
Tuna, lettuce and mayo $4


Menu item Cost
Greek salad $5
Garden salad $5
Chicken salad (H) $6
Tuna salad $5
Falafel salad $6


Note: pre-order available, with the option to choose your own fillings.

Menu item Cost
Falafel wrap  $5
Gourmet chicken salad wrap (H) $5
Lebanese kafta wrap (H) $5
Tuna salad wrap  $5
Cheese and salad wrap $5


Menu item Cost
Seasonal fruit piece $1
Carrot sticks with hummus $2.50
Jelly cup $1
Assorted chip snack from $1
Yoghurt $2.50
Cheese and crackers $2
Fresh fruit salad $3.50
Fruit nuggets $1
Plain popcorn $1.50
Low fat mini muffin $1.50
Custard cup $1.50
Jelly and custard $2
Jelly stick $0.50

Warm snacks

Menu item Cost
Garlic bread (10cm) $2.50
Baked hash brown $1.50
Mini beef pie $1.50
Mini sausage roll $1.50


Menu item Cost
Bottled water 600ml $2.50
Flavoured spring water 600ml $2.50
Flavoured milk 300ml $3
Juice box $2
Juice bottle 450ml $4

Frozen treats

Menu item Cost
Frozen orange juice cup (100% juice) $1.50
Ice block variety from $1
Frozen yoghurt $2.50
Jelly fruits $0.50
Gelato cup $2.50

A variety of homemade special meals are cooked daily and cost $6.