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Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.



Mr M Toaetolu


Mr T Dimech

Ms R Charara

Ms J Sheringham


Ms V Chan - (Head Teacher)  

Ms P Koutzas - (Senior Learning Centre Co-ordinator)

English & LOTE

 Mr Van Der Kley - (Head Teacher)

Ms B J Byrne  

Ms E Hawkins

Ms R Bekric

Ms S El Kurdi (Yr 7 YA)

Ms S Nair

Ms J Phu-Ly (Thurs & Fri)

Ms Ch Diasinos


Mr E Azar (Head Teacher)

Ms S Elek - (Tues-Friday) 

Ms K Gogna

Ms N Bi (Year 8 Advisor)

Ms M Chhay

Ms L Do

Ms Z Harrouk


Ms S Hawkins (Rel Head Teacher)

Mr E Ampofo 

Mr P Chandra 

Mr A Mirza

Ms T Thomas

Mr B Veselinovic

Special Education 

Ms S Jradi-Hamade (Rel Head Teacher) 

Ms S Bianco 

Mr I Gray

Ms L Zhong

Mr P Squires

Ms D Cacciotti

Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) and CAPA

Mr A King - (Head Teacher)

Mr A Akca 

Ms N Ahn (Thurs-Fri)

Ms E Cousin

Ms K Hudson

Ms T Ge

Mr J Graylin

Mr X Fu

Ms V Mina

Ms Y Parks (Mon-Thurs)

Mr J Ryan

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Ms H McGuckin - (Head Teacher)

Mr N Kubecka 

Ms A Ryan 

Mr J Wilson 

Ms A Inglis (Yeaar 8 Advisor)

Ms C Ebeling (Year 12 Advisor)

Mr Z Ali 

Mr A Nakhoul

Mr A abbas

History Society and Its Environment (HSIE) 

Mr A Kumar - (Head Teacher) 

Mr P O'Brien 

Mr S Kim 

Ms M Trajkovski (Yr 10 Year Advisor)

Ms L Al Hesany

Ms S Azari

Mr D Versace

Learning and Support 

Ms S Peake - (Head Teacher)

Ms A Depta 

Ms M Panagis (Mon-Wed)

Welfare/Student Support 

Ms T Trajkovski - (Head Teacher)

Ms M Hamed ( Tues-Fri) (Head Teacher) 

Ms H Smith

Ms K Leverett (Aboriginal Education Officer)

Ms H Beydoun (Community Liaison Officer)

Ms F Taha (Student Support Officer)

Ms S Chami (Careers Advisor)

Ms M Zahid (Wellbeing Advisor)

Teaching and Learning

Ms L Hudson (Head Teacher)

Mr P Davis (Mon-Wed)

Year Advisors

Our Year Advisors assist students throughout the various school years at Bass High School. 

Our year advisors are as follows:

Year 7 - Ms S El Kurdi (English)

Year 8 -  Ms A Inglis (PDHPE)

Year 9 - Mr S Kim (HSIE)

Year 10 - Ms M Trajkovski (HSIE)

Year 11 -  Ms K Gogna (Maths)

Year 12 - Ms C Ebling (PDHPE)

Assistant Year Advisors

Our Assistant Year Advisors are as follows: 

Year 7 - Ms R Bekric

Year 8 - Mr A Abbas

Year 9 -  Ms S Nair

Year 10 - Ms M Chhay

Year 11 - Ms L Do

Year 12 -  Mr N Kubeca