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Programs, pathways and co-curricular

Bass High School has many programs and activities to help students grow and succeed. We offer music and sports programs, wellbeing support, university pathways, and job training. These opportunities help students do well in school and prepare for life after graduation.


Music program

At Bass High School, we love music! All students from Year 7 to Year 12 get to try different types of music during their schooling. Here's what each year focuses on:

  • Year 7: world music, orchestral instruments, and piano.
  • Year 8: popular/rock music history, guitar, drums, and bass.
  • Year 9: performance techniques, baroque, film, and television music.
  • Year 10: jazz, classical, and Australian music.
  • Year 11: Caribbean and Australian pop/rock music.
  • Year 12: in-depth popular music and student-selected electives.

We also have lots of chances to perform, like at lunchtime concerts, assemblies, multicultural day performances, and performing arts evenings.


Bass High School is renowned for its exceptional sports programs, particularly in male and female rugby. Our students have competed in elite national school sports competitions, with several scouted to play for state and national teams. Our alums include elite athletes who play for prestigious teams like the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and the Cronulla Sharks, showcasing our school's high level of talent and training.

Wellbeing programs

Bass High School offers several wellbeing programs designed to support our students' personal growth, cultural understanding, and overall success.

Bass Big Sisters Program

The Bass Big Sisters program helps Year 7 girls grow through fortnightly sessions. With guidance from Year 10 to 12 mentors, the program helps students build confidence, solve problems, and form positive relationships. Created by Bass High School's female Welfare teachers, it aims to develop safe and respectful learners.

KARI Mentor Hub

The KARI Mentor Hub supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with education and employment. It offers personalised assistance, cultural activities, and referrals for housing and wellbeing.

Meeting every second Thursday during period 5, the hub aims to build confidence and readiness for the workforce.

Pathways after school

Bass High School has programs to help students plan for their future after graduation. These programs include the Compass Program and Imagined Futures. We also offer vocational training in areas like barbering and hairdressing to teach students important skills for their future careers.

Higher education

University partnerships and early entry programs

We have partnered with top universities such as Western Sydney University (WSU), the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Australian Catholic University (ACU), and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). These partnerships offer students many opportunities to continue their studies at university. Programs like Gateway and Step Up provide pathways for students to get early entry offers, making the move to university more accessible.

Compass program

Compass a University of Sydney program that helps students from different backgrounds get into high education. They work with school students who are generally under-represented in higher education. This includes students from low socio-economic status (Low SES) backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and regional and remote students.

Read more about The University of Sydney's Compass Program

UNSW Imagined Futures program

Imagined Futures is a program to help Year 9 students choose what to do after school. It's part of their English lessons and is run by teachers and university ambassadors from the University of NSW.

The program includes:

  • Teaching about the future in university courses and workshops.
  • Hosting events, talks, and lectures about future challenges.
  • Working with businesses, government, and other groups.
  • Supporting creative projects to solve problems.

Vocational education and training

External VET (EVET) pathways

Bass High School offers External VET (EVET) pathways approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority and delivered by registered training organizations (RTOs). These courses are available to students in Years 10, 11, and 12. They help students move smoothly from school to jobs or further education and training. Some courses can even lead directly to university programs.

Community partnerships

We have strong relationships with local organizations and RTOs to help our students move from school to work. Our partners include ANATE, RIEP, CBCC, and local businesses. These partnerships give students valuable work experience and networking opportunities.

Barbering program

Our barbering program has helped many students learn important skills. It takes place every Wednesday and is led by an experienced barber and mentor. In 2023, around 24 students participated, giving over 130 haircuts to students and teachers. The program has had a big impact on the students.

Hairdressing program

Our hairdressing program happens every Tuesday. It aims to get students excited about hairdressing and help them get ready for life after school. This program helps students learn job skills, become more resilient and confident, and reach their goals.