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The safety and wellbeing of our children is paramount. As parents and carers we can't always be with our children to advise and protect them. When out and about, children can be confronted with situations where good decision-making is vital. With this in mind, advising our children with appropriate responses to certain situations will help them avoid trouble and danger. 

Here are some simple tips to give your children for when they are out and about. 

Protect your child walking home 

This includes: 

  • always identifying safe places on the way home from school
  • not stopping and talking to people you don't know—go straight home or to your intended destination
  • always finding a safe place if you feel frightened—this includes schools, shops, churches or police/fire/ambulance stations and tell them that you are frightened
  • never getting into a car with someone you don't know. 

Protect your child on public transport

This includes: 

  • never travelling in isolated areas—find crowded carriages, guard's compartment (marked with a blue light) or at the front of the bus
  • always trying to travel in group of friends if possible.

Protect your child when in public spaces 

This includes: 

  • always carrying a contact number for your parents—on a card attached to your clothing, written on your arms or in your phone
  • not walking away from family or friends without teling them where you are going, when you'll be back and who you are with
  • always walking away from fights or arguments, unpleasant or aggressive behaviour and take your friends with you
  • remember, always tell your parents, carer or teacher if something has happened.