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Extra-curricular activities

Compass program 

The University of Sydney's Compass program encourages primary and secondary school students to participate in higher education and become familiar with the idea of continuing study after high school. 

It is a partnership between the University of Sydney, the NSW Department of Education and selected secondary and primary schools in Sydney and rural NSW.

Bass High School is fortunate to be one of the 10 participating high schools. Each year our entire Year 7 group and substantial numbers of Years 8 to 10 visit the university for orientation and educational tours. Older students participate in study skills and High School Certificate (HSC) preparation, both on and off the campus.

Compass hosts annual Indigenous student days in May where relevant school students from all over NSW meet current Indigenous university students and engage in orientation and cultural activities.

Compass provides assistance to allow our students to attend events. They also provide high-quality professional development courses for our teachers to maximise their skills and understanding of current trends in education. 

In partnership with the Seymour Centre, Compass also provides our final year Advanced English students with complimentary tickets to attend a production linked to their HSC studies.  

Working with Sydney College of the Arts, Bass High School is involved in filmmaking and animation projects to promote skills in film and digital media. Compass has helped the Conservatorium of Music and Ms Rosen facilitate an innovative program of original music and art events culminating in performances at the conservatorium later this year. Mr McLaughlin, and Ms Collier of our music and art faculties will guide our students through the program.

Other planned projects include a visit from a representative of the Faculty of Agriculture to our farm, and a range of specific HSC workshops later in the year.

In late May, we will be attending a parents' day at the Art Gallery of NSW, followed by a campus tour of the University of Sydney.

Compass is funded by grants from the Department of Industry, Immigration, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and donations to the University of Sydney. We look forward to further participation in the Compass program in 2013 and beyond.

For more information visit Sydney University Compass.


Music is an integral aspect of Bass High School culture. The students at Bass High School bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to the arts department.

Music is offered in Years 7 to 12, where students learn to perform, compose, listen to and learn about genres of music such as:

  • Year 7 - world music, instruments of the orchestra and piano
  • Year 8 - popular/rock histories and concepts of music, guitar, drums and bass
  • Year 9 - performance techniques and aural skills, baroque, film and television 
  • Year 10 - jazz, classical, Australian music
  • Year 11 - caribbean, Australian pop, rock 
  • Year 12 - popular music in depth, 3 electives of students choice.

Through encouragement and support, students learn to work individually and are also encouraged to work in group situations to develop their communicative skills.

There are many performance opportunities at Bass High School, including:

  • lunch time concerts (approximately 3 to 4 a term) 
  • assemblies, such as the rose or the Year 12 farewell 
  • multicultural day performances 
  • lunch time jams in the music room 
  • performing arts evenings.

Music helps our students to connect with the school's staff, parents, community and each other. 

Music Co-ordinator: J Mclaughlin

Girls co-ordinator 

The girls coordinator at Bass High School builds rapports with students and create links with external agencies, committees and community support groups.  The aim of this is to build strong and positive relationships amongst the girls in roder to support them within and outside school.